Förnamn (First name) *:
Efternamn (Surname) *:
Telefon (Phone):
E-mail *:


Spår (Tracks)


Födelsedatum (DOB) *:
Spår (Track) *:


Deltagande (Participation)


Hela veckan (All week): Eller välj enstaka dagar (Or chose single days)::
Sö/Sun:     Må/Mon:     Ti/Tue:     On/Wed:     To/Thu:     Fre/Fri:     Lö/Sat:    


Övriga uppgifter (Additional information)


Mobilnummer (Mobile phone) *:
Mobile number of guardian (If under 13):
Land (Country) *:
Församling eller stad (Church or city) *:
Arrival day and time of day *:
Departure day and time of day *:
Ungdomslägret (Teen Camp):    Vill delta i ungdomslägret (I want to participate in the Teen Camp)
Single parent:    I am a single parent (of child under 12) during the camp
Translation:    I need translation from English


Boende (Accommodation)


Please observe that all alternatives A-B are only sold per week.

In case of vacancies, single nights will be sold at the reception.


Boende (accommodation):


Mat (Food)


Helpension (Full board):
Måltider (meals):
Sö/Sun Må/Mon Ti/Tue On/Wed To/Thu Fre/Fri Lö/Sat
Frukost (Breakfast):  
Kvällsmat (Evening meal):  
Vegetarian:    I am a Vegetarian
Allergies / Intolerant:    I am gluten/lactose intolerant


Ansvarsområde på camp (Camp assignment)


Jag har ett ansvarsområde på campen (I have an assignment during the camp):
Jag skall jobba med (My assignment is):


Kids camp


Please select here to sign up as a volunteer with the Kids camp.


Kids camp volunteer:    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9am-lunch
   Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-lunch
Kids camp prayer force:    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9am-lunch
   Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-lunch


Anyone choosing a Kids Camp work assignment need a pastoral reference.

Please, register your leader’s/pastors contact information:


Pastor's name:
Pastor's phone:
Pastor's email:


Stödja (support)


There are people who want to attend Summer Camp (such as visitors from our Mission Partnership countries) who do not have the money to cover their own registration fees and costs.

Please consider giving a donation to help us cover the costs of those who need help.


Stödja (support):



Please enter your voucher code if you have one.

Voucher code:



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